Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Stocking Stuffers for Her

Can you believe we're less than a month from Christmas. If I had my act together and had this post scheduled yesterday, we were one month out.  Craziness. I'm so ready for all the fun coming our way over the next month and wish it will go by as slow as possible. 

Most of my Christmas shopping is done. I started back in the summer. Knowing we would have a newborn and a toddler over the holidays, I knew I wouldn't get out to do my usual shopping. So I did as much as I could before Luke arrived and the rest I've been doing online. Thank goodness for Amazon Prime. The only thing I really have left on our lists are stocking stuffers. I picked up tons of stuff for AG from the dollar spot at Target. Hubs on the other hand isn't as easy to get things for. And since I'm sure he hasn't started shopping for mine, I've decided to help him out. I'd be happy to see any of the following things in my stocking this year! 

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Friday, November 21, 2014

Five on Friday

Hello Friday!  I hope you all have had a wonderful week and are as happy to see the weekend approaching as I am. This weekend will be filled with friends, fun and a few house projects. In just a few we're off on our weekly Target trip, which is always the highlight of my Friday. Target, a birthday starbucks treat and an afternoon of baking…couldn't think of a better way to spend my day. Happy weekend friends!  

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Tomorrow is my 31st birthday. I'm looking forward to celebrating with my girlfriends in the morning and a date night with hubs for the first time since Luke has been born tomorrow night. This year has definitely been a whirlwind. I started my 30th year in Texas on one of the coldest days of the year. Everything that followed from that day has been such a blessing. A surprise pregnancy, a move back home to FL, a healthy baby boy and a new home. God is so good and I cannot wait to see what He has in store this year. 

Hubs gave me one of my birthday presents last weekend. Say hello to my new best friend and my favorite nook place in the house. He gave me a Keurig Rivo Cappuccino Brewing System. We also bought Starbucks syrups, which allows me to have a latte that is just as good as Starbucks each morning for a fraction of the price. Probably one of the best gifts ever! 

This happened last night. I put out a lot of my decorations last weekend. Being in the new house for Christmas this year made me so excited to decorate. I just couldn't wait any longer. I need to get a new tree skirt and tree topper. Some things went missing in the move and our topper is one of them. I think I may wait to decorate the tree until after Thanksgiving. I'm working on an advent calendar for hubs and I, decorating the tree is one of the first things on it.  

Have you decorated yet?  

Thanksgiving is less than a week away. I think I'm going to spend some time today using up the multiple cans of pumpkin I have in the pantry. I don't do much pumpkin baking past Thanksgiving, all things gingerbread and peppermint usually take over. I found these adorable printables at Lil Luna that would be perfect to attach to some fresh baked cookies or bread. 


My giveaway for a Halo SleepSack is ending this weekend. Check out the post here for details on how to enter! 

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

8 Easy Ways to Cut Your Energy Bill

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A few days before Luke was born, we moved into a new house. There are so many expenses when it comes to buying a new home. Everything can add up really fast.  One of the main concerns hubs and I had was the electric bill. This house is bigger than what we had before, so we immediately started researching ways to make our house more energy efficient and in turn save money on our energy bill. It's been about two months and our bill has been drastically less than our last two houses. Here is what we did in our house to save money.

1. Keeping Blinds Closed 

This was a big one for us. The heat from the sun shining through makes our house much warmer and therefore the air is on longer. Closing the blinds makes a big difference. The past few cold days we've had, I've kept them open to help heat the home a bit as well. 

2. Program Your Thermostat 

If you're at work all day or when you're sleeping at night, you can get away with turning the air up (or heat down) a bit. If you program your thermostat, you won' t have to mess with it  often. Ours is set for each day of the week and times of the day. We also leave our upstairs thermostat off as much as possible. 

3. Use Convection Ovens

They take less time to heat up and cool down. They're perfect for casseroles and small dinners. 

4. Change Air Filters 

I set a reminder on my phone to change the air filters monthly. Replacing them consistently will help your air conditioner run better and last longer. 

5. Unplug Appliances 

If they aren't in use, unplug them. 

6. Use Cold Water For Laundry 

and really anything else you can use it for. Do you laundry that needs hot water in bulk and the smaller loads using cold water. 

 7. Take Quick Showers 

The less you use hot water, the more you save! 

8. Look at your BILL!  

A lot of energy companies will come out to your house to do an assessment if you think your bill is too high. Pay attention to it every month. Also, call and ask them what discounts they have. Ask them how you can save on your bill. 

While doing my research on how to save money, I came across Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E). I found lots of information about how to become more energy efficient. On their site, I read that being energy efficient saves you money, time and improves your quality of life. It also reduces outages, puts less strain on natural resources and reduces emissions that can harm the environment. 

If you head on over to the PG&E site, you can find lots of tools to help you save energy and money. Whether you're planning a new home improvement project, looking for everyday saving tips, shopping for new appliances, need energy saving ideas or are looking for information on plug-in electric vehicles. You can find this and much more on their website
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How do you save on your energy bill? 
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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Thanksgiving Menu + Tried & True Recipes

Thanksgiving is just over a week away. Even though I already have some Christmas decor up in our house, Thanksgiving is still one of my favorite holidays. Food, family, football, more food, card games and fun…so many things I love all together on one day. 

This year it's also my dad's birthday, even more reason to celebrate. I usually do all the meal planning for Thanksgiving. Ya'll know I love trying new recipes and cooking. Planning the menu is something I look forward to each year. Over the years I've found some fabulous recipes that have stuck around, the ones the boys approve of. They're always the picky ones! Today, I'm sharing some of the recipes that have become a favorite at our table. 

-sweet potatoes-


Since I love trying new recipes, I've decided to add a few new ones to our tried and true recipes above. Here is what I'm adding to our menu for Thanksgiving next week: 


Pioneer Woman's Pecan Pie 

Chocolate Creme Pie



Of course, we will make the classic green bean casserole and dinner rolls. 
Anything missing off of our menu? 

What's on your Thanksgiving menu?