Friday, January 30, 2015

5 on Friday- Super Bowl Edition

The Super Bowl is just a few days away. Super Bowl Sunday is always a day I look forward to. I love football and my Patriots are in it this year. We're not doing anything big for the game. With two littles who are hopefully in bed shortly after the game starts, it's hard to go anywhere for the game. We've had a small get together at home every year and will be doing the same this year. I do wish either the game would be on a Saturday or not so late on Sunday night. Below, you'll find some of my favorite appetizers that are simple to make. You'll also find EASY printables that make will make watching the game a little more fun. I couldn't leave out sweets, so I finished off with a brownie recipe that is sure to please a crowd.  Happy Super Bowl weekend! 




Commercial Bingo from Style Me Pretty
 Football Playbook Snack Cones from SNAP! 


What are you plans for the big game? 
Any must try games or recipes for the Super Bowl this year? 

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Monday, January 26, 2015

10 {No Food} Valentine's Gift Ideas

Holidays are big in our house. All of them. Any reason for me to plan some fun and cute activities for the littles, I'm all over it. It also helps that AG is holiday obsessed like her mama, already excited over all the hearts around the house, along with her new placemat and cup from Target. I can't wait to plan fun things for her over the next month. 

Today, I'm linking up with Lyndsey for Show Me The Love Link Up Party, sharing some Valentine's gift ideas that don't involve food….or sugar. If you're looking for other Valentine's Ideas, last year I shared DIY gift ideas for the man in your life along with some Valentine's Playdate ideas.  

You are amazing cards from Pinching your Pennies 

Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday Favorites

It's Friday. I'm blogging for the third time this week. That alone is cause for celebration. Now lets get straight to some of my favorites from the week and a few other things going on in our world. 


There is a fun Giveaway over @shopsimplymadewithlove for TWO vinyl monogrammed tumblers. One for you and one for a friend!  It ends next week, don't forget to tag a friend to win! 


Tonight is moms night out with some girlfriends. I love the look above and will hopefully be able to find some things in my closet that fit. Fingers crossed...I'm so ready for some girl talk and a glass of wine. Oh and not cooking dinner. This is the FIRST time I'm leaving hubs to do bedtime with both kiddos. I usually take Luke with me to dinners, but at almost 4 months he's no longer my little newborn that will sleep through everything. Thankfully hubs is a rockstar with it come to the littles and I'll make sure to have everything ready before I leave. I'm sure he's excited to catch up on his shows that I don't enjoy after the kids go to bed. 

 On Saturday, hubs and I are having our monthly date night out. Nana and Papa are coming over and we're heading to Top Golf with some friends. I need a cute and casual outfit, I think the one above fits the bill. Have you been to Top Golf?  I can't swing a club for the life of me so it will definitely be an interesting date night! 


I have one picky toddler when it comes to food. Every meal I hear the same thing after a minute, "avery all done." Drives me bonkers. While on a quick Walmart trip this week, I found this cute silicone cupcake mold. I picked it up, hoping I could use it to make meals more fun for AG. I've been giving her a wider variety at each meal, filling up each heart with something different. It's been working pretty well. She's still picky but I've been able to get her to eat more than normal. 


Valentine's orders are almost finished and I am beyond excited. Getting lots of work done with two littles at home all day has been a challenge. I'm glad I have a good month for things to slow down a bit before the craziness of Easter begins. On another note, how cute is this princess carriage sister set? 

This is what our back yard currently looks like. After we moved in we noticed water wasn't draining properly. One of the best things about a new build is the builders will fix most things that are wrong that first year. After a few failed attempts to patch the areas in the back, we're now having the entire thing redone with new irrigation and a different kind of grass. It's a pain to deal with right now but we're happy it's getting done. 


Last but not least, my favorite picture from the week. AG asks for Luke to lay with her before she gets up from her nap. They will lay like this for 20 minutes just talking away. It melts my mama heart and is hands down, my favorite part of the day!

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Home Office/ Craft Room Pinspiration

Now that the holidays have come and gone, it's time to put some time and energy into our house. We moved in just five days before Luke was born. With the help of family and friends, we were able to get everything unpacked and situated enough to bring a baby home. In the past four months, we've done a lot of work. Little things from fans being installed in every room to hardware on the kitchen cabinets have been crossed of the list. Some big purchases like a new dining room set, couches and a large area rug for the downstairs have also beed made. Our house definitely feels like a home and we love it here. 

One thing that I would love to see happen over the next few months are completed rooms. I wouldn't say there is one room in the house that is completely finished. Some just need a few finishing touches and others have a laundry list of things to be finished. With my monthly goals, I plan on focusing on a room each month. I tend to want to get it all done at once, so putting my focus on one room a month will work with our budget and helps me be realistic about the lack of time I have these days. 

The room on my list this month is Luke's nursery. Before he was born, I shared his nursery inspiration here.  I've made a lot of progress so far, I'm just waiting on a few more things to come in. I plan on doing an unveiling post at the end of the month. Today, I'm sharing some of my favorite pins and inspiration for my craft room/ office. It will be my focal room throughout the month of February. 

When it comes to my office, it is in a spare bedroom. It has it's own bathroom and is on it's own side of the house. What I love most about the space is the three windows and all the natural light coming through. I would love to have one of those clean white offices you see all over IG. Reality is, almost of the furniture that we have it black. I considered selling it and buying white and then realized how ridiculous that would be. I'm going to work with what I have, there are many others areas that can use that money. Another big thing I have to consider when planning the office is function. I do all of my embroidery and office work there. I have a my machines, all my fabrics, crafting tools and so much more. I need a lot of storage to keep the area from looking overly cluttered. I also have to make sure everything is child proof. The kids are in and out of the office when I'm in there and I don't want anything on their level that can harm them. On top of that I want a space that feels like mine. I wish I could pay someone to come do all of the decorating for me, but that is not in the cards. Below, you'll find my inspiration for the room. Next month, I hope to share the finished product with you! 

Lets start with the colors. Since most of the furniture was black, I decided on grey walls and red accents. I had red accents previously, which will save me some money on decorating. 

I love the crisp clean look of this desk. The gold, white and pop of pin is just perfection. Even though there are a good amount of things on the desk, it doesn't look cluttered. 

For the love of….PEG BOARDS! I knew I wanted peg boards in the room. They were one of the first things hubs did in the room. I love them, it's amazing how much space they cleared up in the room. I just need to organize them now. I especially love the frames in these two photos below. 

There is a small closet in the room. Right now it's filled with lots of stuff. None of which is organized, just piled on in. I would love to make it more functional and a great storage space. 

Such a clean look with lots of storage. Lots of cute decoration ideas in this photo as well. I have these Ikea shelves in my office currently, time to clean them up and organize! 

When I first look at this picture, the first thing that pops in my head is, she must not have young kids. Those markers on the bottom shelf….they'd be AG's new favorite toy in a heartbeat. But I really love this space. Especially how shadow boxes are used as functional stamp storage. 

 To see more of what I'm pinning for this room, follow my Pinterest board. 
Follow Leah H.'s board Craft Rooms on Pinterest.
Do you have any tips to make an office or craft room functional?